Rental Info


Monday - Sunday Rental Rates
Room Fees waived for 3 hours
(restrictions may apply) please see event coordinator

Garden Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremonies Includes 2 hours prior to Ceremony for photos, and  45 minute rehearsal time the day prior.  Chairs are not provided. Client chair set up and take down is $1.00 per Chair.
(Client may rent or Equestrian Woods will rent chairs for client for an additional fee )

Facility Includes
Room Preparation & Clean Up
Tables & Linens ( standard size 62x62 )
Chairs (Not for Wedding Ceremonies)
Table Skirting (cake, buffet & display tables)
Cloth Napkins (black or white) & Cocktail Napkins
Executive Serving Dishes
Glassware, Silverware, Plate ware
Event Service Staff ( formally dressed )

 Hors d’oeuvre accommodations up to 400 people
* Dinner accommodations up to 180 people

Additional Rentals
Additional Rental Time per hour $200
Wedding Ceremony Chair set up and take down $1.00 per Chair
Colored Dinner Napkins $1.00 each
Table Linens (Floor Length) $15 per linen
Mirrors & Hurricanes Globes $10 per table
(White candle provided for each arrangement)
Table Mirror ( 9 inch beveled ) $3.50 per table
Butler food Services: ($ 95 per butler)
Bartender $ 125.00 per event
Additional Bar ( Patio ect. ) $125
Chef Carver Attendant (2 hours): $95
Pasta Station Attendant ( 2hours) $95

Decorating, Setup Of Cakes, Entertainment And Florists Shall Be Permitted 2 Hours Before Each Event

Absolutely No Affixing To Walls, Floors, Tables, Chairs or Ceilings, With Tape Of Any Sort, Nails, or Glue

Please discuss this with your entertainment and florist and photographers, as our client you will be Responsible for their damage.

Equestrian Woods permits Birdseed and Rose Petals to be used OUTSIDE only for an additional clean up fee.

* Note: Equestrian Woods Catering has the exclusive rights to all Food and Beverage services. Wedding Cakes made by a Licensed Professional Baker are permitted.  All food and beverages subject to 21% Gratuity & 6% Sales Tax.
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